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Sensor Cleaning Service

Sensor Cleaning Service

Noticing Dark Spots Or Marks On Your Photographs? If so, your digital camera most likely has dust, dirt, or debris on its imaging sensor and will require a sensor cleaning. A professional sensor cleaning will remove these spots, saving you countless hours dedicated to removing spots with your post-processing software.

Unfortunately, sensor cleanings aren’t just simple do-it-yourself projects. One mistake when working inside of your camera could damage the shutter or scratch the low pass filter, which would result in a costly repair.

Additionally, sending your camera to the manufacturer for a sensor cleaning can be a long and painful process often taking weeks to complete.

We will safely clean your sensor as well as externally clean your body and one lens.


Full frame sensors: $95.00

Crop Frame sensors: $65.00

Micro 4/3rd sensors: $65.00

Additional lenses: $15.00 each.

Order your sensor cleaning today. We service the Colorado Springs, CO area and can have most cleanings completed within 24 hrs.